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Tips to develop new good habits

 Decide you want to develop the habit Start by indulging in the thing for 10 mins every day Increase the time to 20 minutes Continue the process for 21 days  Read motivational literature Surround self with positive people Never give up
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10 signs of possessive partner

 Checking your phone Stalking you on social media Wanting to spend every moment with you Forbidding you from talking to some people of opposite sex Insecurity Seeking constant validation Seeking constant affection History of broken relationships/abandonment Codependence Self image issues 

10 tips to beat monday blues

Prepare clothing in advance on sunday Meal prep for the week on weekend Listen to calming music before sleeping Do not drink alcohol on Sunday Read motivational books Wake up early Eat a healthy breakfast sans sugars Factor in traffic time Reach office early Take breaks between work

The truth behind masculine female

 There are many women we meet who are strong, bold and accomplished.They are leaders and pioneers in their field and are often independent.Most people are intimidated by their success and men are fearful of approaching them. They are fulfilled in all aspects of life-emotional, spiritual, financial , and yet, love and a good relationship deludes them.They either attract effeminate men or remain single for long periods of time.The men who ask them out are either put in their place early on and leave them or the relationship starts wherein she wears the pants with a weak man. Men find her impossible to deal with because she refuses to lower her guard .She is unfulfilled with the weak man This woman was most probably raised by a weak passive father/emotionally absent or alcoholic father.Her early male interaction taught her that the masculine cant be relied upon/is unsafe.She hence decide to take the reigns in her hands and became the man. Being with a weak male does not fulfil her. She wa

How fear from the past keeps us small

 We have oftentimes seen that there are people who are afraid of taking any kind of risk in their lives.They stay at low paying jobs which don't fulfill them, stay in abusive relationships and never start their own initiatives/businesses even if they have the requisite skills. They hold onto security and trade it for new experiences.They live in fear of losing what they have if they chase what they can have.They also have abundance blocks at times and feel unworthy of bigger and better things. They live mired in fear and see life pass by them. The fear stems from previous losses and hardships in life. The way out is to acknowledge the past but not be a slave to it.